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Pure Oxygen Ultra
Shampoo Concentrate

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4 Litre bottle

Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo Concentrate is a 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe way to clean and deodorize animals. Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo converts to oxygen and water vapour and leaves absolutely no residue. Regular use of Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo will help keep the skin and coat clean, fresh and healthy. Restore the natural softness and brilliant shine of your animal’s coat with the power of Ogena’s Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo.

Pure Oxygen Technology

Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide produce exceptional potency and performance. Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo has an excellent Safety and Environmental Profile for the user and the environment. The In-Use Solution is non-irritating to eyes and skin, is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), there are no toxic ingredients in the formula and Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo does not leave any residual on the surface once dried.


What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOC’s are emitted by most cleaning products. VOC’s can adversely affect indoor air quality, and the inhalation of air containing such compounds released by cleaning and disinfecting agents has been associated with allergies and occupational asthma.


What our Customers Say

Over years of Distributing Pure Oxygen in New Zealand, our loyal following of customers have come up with some very innovative uses for PURE OXYGEN. From getting mould off curtains to treating rain scald and mud fever in horses. These are NOT our claims, they are the results of our customers having tried many and various solutions, then trying PURE OXYGEN on their particular problem or condition and getting wonderful results. Fortunately, they have given us their feedback.

Product Literature

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